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12Fellowship of the Spirit NY BB ConferenceQueens NYChris R., Myers R. & Chris S. from TX & CTSteps 1 - 127/15/2016  Buy
105th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PARobbie W., Ralph W., Rich B., Clancy I., Polly P. + from NJ, CA, MD, CA, FL +Steps 1 - 126/25/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PARobbie W. from Wildwood NJWe Are Not a Glum Lot6/25/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PARalph W. from Los Angeles CASteps 1 - 36/25/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PAGail LaC. from Akron OHAA History6/25/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PASteve L. from Nashville TNSteps 4 & 56/26/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PAJoe C. from San Diego CASteps 6 & 76/26/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PARich B. from Ocean City MDSteps 8 & 96/26/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PASue L. (Al-Anon) from Broomall PAHer Story6/26/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PAClancy I. from Venice CAHis Story6/26/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PAPolly P. from Jacksonville FLSteps 10 & 116/27/2016  Buy
 5th Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PATina A. from Bellflower CAStep 126/27/2016  Buy
8Our Way of Life: Fostering Emotional & Spiritual RecoveryMt. Pocono PAHerb K. from Palos Verdes CA7/22/2016  Buy
4A Day in the StepsHamilton, Ontario, CanadaChris S. & Marty C. from CO & CanadaSteps 1 - 125/9/2015  Buy
1Boulder COJonathan S. from Boulder CO8/2/2015  Buy
1Boulder COKaren B. from Boulder CO8/9/2015  Buy
1East Hartford CTChris S. from Meriden CT1/9/2016  Buy
943rd Calgary Intergroup Banff RoundupBanff, Alberta, Canadaassorted3/3/2016  Buy
14Recovering Couples Anonymous International ConventionAtlanta GAassorted8/12/2016  Buy
11st S.E. Recovering Couples Anonymous RetreatChattanooga TNGeri & Alan6/15/2011  Buy
12nd S.E. Recovering Couples Anonymous RetreatAtlanta GAJim & Cynthia6/15/2012  Buy
13rd S.E. Recovering Couples Anonymous RetreatAtlanta GAEric & Naomi6/15/2013  Buy
24th S.E. Recovering Couples Anonymous RetreatAtlanta GADiane & Glen[Unknown]  Buy
15th S.E. Recovering Couples Anonymous RetreatAtlanta GABill & Linda6/15/2015  Buy
8Firing Line Big Book WeekendWarwick NYKatie P. & Charlie P. from Austin TXSteps 1 - 12 (great BB study)9/23/2016  Buy
412 Concepts WorkshopMiddletown NJBilly N., Jay E., & John Q. from GA & NJConcepts 1 - 1210/8/2016  Buy
3The History of AA & How It MattersHarrisburg PAassorted from NJ & PA10/1/2016  Buy
112th Cape Atlantic Intergroup BreakfastCape May NJCandice M. from Los Angeles CA10/2/2016  Buy
6Sunlight of the SpiritYork PAassorted8/19/2016  Buy
10Rhody Recovery Big Book WeekendWakefield RIHarold L. & Tina H. from St. Louis MO & Austin TXSteps 1 - 129/23/2016  Buy
7Primary Purpose Big Book Weeend XIHarrisburg PAHerb K. from Palos Verdes CASteps 1 - 129/16/2016  Buy
9Big Book RetreatFramingham MAJerry E. & Friends from KS & MASteps 1 - 129/9/2016  Buy
1Barnegat NJChris S. from Meriden CT6/18/2016  Buy
141st Atlanta RoundupAtlanta GARon W., Doug R., & Carla R. from CAContinuing to Take Inventory8/4/2016  Buy
8Let's Talk About AA: How Do We Live This Way of Life?Crystal Bay NVSandy B. & Bob B. from Tampa FL & St. Paul MNgreat workshop6/11/2010  Buy
5Big Book WorkshopLake Milton OHPaul McQ. from Rockaway Beach NYSteps 1 - 122/5/2016  Buy
421st PA State ConventionHarrisburg PAMickey B. from Van Nuys CAThe Step Before the Steps, Steps 1-3, & His Story8/1/2014  Buy
681st Founders' Day Celebration Main Speaker SetAkron OHBob C., Bill B., Ellen B. (Al-Anon) & Bill B., Gloria M., Mel B., & Martin A. from OH, CT, NV, & Ontario6/10/2016  Buy
148th Big Deep South ConventionNew Orleans LAEarl H. from Scottsdale AZgreat talk6/18/2016  Buy
2Salt Lake City UTJohn J. from Park City UTUnderstanding & Overcoming Grief (great worshop)[Unknown]  Buy
4Dallas North GroupDallas TXJim W. from Fort Worth TX5/20/1992  Buy
6Jackson's Mill WVLee C., Chris S., Kathleen T. (Al-Anon), Don L., Allison B., & Alex S. from CA, CT, KY, WA, AZ, & OK10/7/2016  Buy
156th Annual Jersey Shore RoundupLong Branch NJKent C.,Barefoot Bill,Chris S.,Karl M.,Bob D.,Billy N.,Sharon C.,Steve L. + from assortedgreat weekend11/3/2016  Buy
6Drop the Rock, The Ripple Effect-Using Step 10 to Practice Steps 6 & 7 EverydayEast Dorset VTFred H. from Hazelden MN11/5/2016  Buy
131st Legacy BreakfastStamford CTLena N. from West Milford NJ11/6/2016  Buy
1Area 75 Fall ConferenceManitowoc WICookie S. from Minnetonka MN10/22/2016  Buy
1Dover NJBarefoot Bill from West Milford NJ3/25/2016  Buy
1HawaiiClarence S. from Casselberry FLHis Story & the 12 Steps11/15/1980  Buy
9Fellowship of the Spirit Mid-Atlantic BB ConferenceRichmond VAJerry E. & Jerry W. from KS & NCSteps 1 - 1210/21/2016  Buy
26th Annual Freedom FireElmer NJJoanne M. & Robbie W. from NJ10/22/2016  Buy
1Sponsor Gratitude DinnerLong Branch NJJohn B. & Bob B. from NJ & MNJohn B. (History of Sponsorship) & Bob B. (His Story)10/20/2016  Buy
1Seaside ORDavid L. from Fayetteville NC1/3/2000  Buy
11Big Book RetreatMorgantown INBrian P. from Round Rock TXSteps 1 - 12 (great study)6/3/2016  Buy
6The Far Corners Spiritual Retreat - Seek & You Will FindEllenton FLSandy B. from Tampa FLgreat retreat12/14/2007  Buy
8Surrender to Service Big Book WeekendAlbany NYChris S. & Ron B. from NJSteps 1 - 12 (great study)6/7/2002  Buy
1Moments: An Evening with Bill W.South Orange NJBill McN. from Lancaster PAHis famous one-man play as AA co-founder Bill W.12/22/2016  Buy
12Fellowship of the SpiritEast Elmhurst NYEarl H., Joe C., & Steve L. from CA, FL, & TNSteps 1 - 12 (great study)7/14/2017  Buy
1Dr. Silkworth Birthday CelebrationLong Branch NJSally C. (Executive Director of Stepping Stones) from Bedford Hills NY7/30/2016  Buy
11Beacon Group Big Book WeekendCambridge MARalph W., Al G., Kelly H., Tommy D., Becky S., & Arisa B. from CA, MA, & NYSteps 1 - 121/27/2017  Buy
8Super Bowl Big Book Workshop RetreatEast Dorset VTChris S., Brian P., & Jerry E. from NJ, TX, & KSSteps 1 - 122/3/2017  Buy
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To view the description of each individual CD belonging to a two or more CD set, please click on the description. To sort the descriptions from top to bottom by Date or alphabetically by Event or Location or Speaker, please click on the column heading. To reverse that to sort from bottom to top just click on the column heading again.