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3Club Med CancunSandy B. & Earl H. from VA & CASandy: History of AA, Earl: His Story1/15/1995  Buy
3Spiritual RetreatSister Maurice from Bronx NYHer story, spiritual tune-ups, attitude & outlook4/15/1995  Buy
4Club Med EleutheraFr. Tom W., Earl H., & Dr. Paul O. from CASteps 6 & 7, Earl's Story, Step 11, & Acceptance1/15/1996  Buy
3Club Med TurkoiseFr. Tom W., Dr. Paul O. & Max O. from CAGod 301 & Emotional Sobriety in Relationships1/15/1997  Buy
3Club Med Sonora BayEarl H. & Clancy I. from CAThe 12 Steps, Clancy's Story, & Sponsorship5/15/1996  Buy
3Club Med EleutheraSister Maurice from Bronx NYHer Story, On the Road Again, Spirituality1/15/1996  Buy
2Mexican Riviera Earl H. & Clancy I. from CA7/15/1995  Buy
2Club Med Playa BlancaEarl H. & Dr. Paul O. from CASponsorship & You Can't Make Me Angry5/15/1998  Buy
1Club Med HuatulcoDr. Paul O. (AA) & Max O. (Al-Anon) from Laguna Niguel CACommunication in Relationships5/15/1997  Buy
12The 12 Steps in StoriesTampa FLSandy B. from Tampa FLSteps 1 - 12 in Stories (Sandy's Greatest Workshop Ever!)6/3/2007  Buy
1Quakertown PAAdrian C. from Woodside NYgreat talk5/14/2012  Buy
1Quakertown PALena N. from West Milford NJgreat talk1/21/2013  Buy
10Beacon Group Big Book WeekendBoston MACookie S. & Ray H. from MNSteps 1 - 122/1/2013  Buy
112nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJassortedSteps 1 - 122/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJJay S. from Redondo Beach CAVarieties of Spiritual Experience2/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJRalph W. from Los Angeles CAStep 12/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJMari G. from Toronto, CanadaStep 22/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJKarl M. from Covina CAStep 32/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJMichelle B. (Al-Anon) from Dingmans Ferry PAThe Family Afterwards2/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJPaul McQ. from Oceanside NYSteps 4 & 52/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJMichael E. from Evans GASteps 6 & 72/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJRobbie W. from Cape May NJThe Third Legacy - Service2/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJPeter M. from Boca Raton FLSteps 8 & 92/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJHoward P. from Gilbert AZSteps 10 & 112/22/2013  Buy
 2nd Annual Jersey Shore RoundupEatontown NJGeorgia B. from La Crescenta CAStep 122/22/2013  Buy
7Primary Purpose Big Book Weeend IXCamp Hill PALena N. & Barefoot Bill from West Milford NJSteps 1 - 12 (their best BB study ever)5/3/2013  Buy
118th Hiawathaland Get-TogetherSandy B. from Tampa FLFinding God (great talk)10/15/2006  Buy
1Fellowship of the Spirit West ConferenceBig Bear CAMark H. from Dallas TXgreat talk9/11/2004  Buy
1Rule 62 RoundupErlanger KYEarl H. from Studio City CAgreat talk8/10/2001  Buy
1The Problem Solved Group of AA's 2nd Group Anniv.Glendale NYJake J. from Buffalo NY4/5/2013  Buy
18Bernardsville NJCass V. from Stanhope NJgreat BB study (Steps 1 - 12) every word to page 1812/15/2000  Buy
10Freedom Within Big Book WeekendHingham MAChris R. & Myers R. from TXGreat Step wisdom & sponsorship guidance!6/14/2013  Buy
1An Evening for Dr. Bob's HomeLevittown NYKent C. from Akron OHgreat talk5/4/2008  Buy
1The Victory Group's 38th Anniversary CelebrationStaten Island NYMike L. from Indianapolis INgreat talk6/30/2013  Buy
9Jersey Shore Big Book RetreatLong Branch NJCharlie P. & Katie P. from Austin TXSteps 1 - 12 (great BB study)5/31/2013  Buy
102nd Annual Liberty Bell RoundupPhiladelphia PAClancy I,Mildred F,Charlie& KatieP,Tom I,+ from CA & TX & OH & NC & PA+Steps 1 - 126/28/2013  Buy
124th Annual Spring Break Big Book WeekendBourne MAJason M. & Jeanette M. from Houston TXSteps 1 - 123/22/2013  Buy
5Journey on the Train of LifeEast Dorset VTLila R. from Santa Monica CASteps 1 - 12 (great Step study)8/3/2013  Buy
8Fellowship of the Spirit Mid-Atlantic BB ConferenceRichmond VAMike L. from Indianapolis INSteps 1 - 12 (great BB study)6/21/2013  Buy
11Fellowship of the Spirit NY Big Book ConferenceQueens NYChris S. & Kerry C. from NJ & PASteps 1 - 127/26/2013  Buy
4Breaking Down Chapter 7 "Working With Others"Hatboro PAChris S. & Dave P. from NJ & PA12/7/2013  Buy
1Tyler TXMark H. from Spring TXgreat talk (His Last Talk)1/8/2010  Buy
5Sunlight of the SpiritYork PATim H., John J., Linda B., Butch M., Hilda F. from KY, WV, MD, Canada, CA8/16/2013  Buy
105th Firing Line Big Book WeekendWarwick NYDoug M. (AA) & Valeria M. (Al-Anon) from Charlottesville VASteps 1 - 129/20/2013  Buy
10Treasure Coast Round-UpStuart FLBob D, Charlie & Katie P, Chris S, Danny S from NV, TX, NJ, & MASteps 1 - 1210/11/2013  Buy
1York PAChris S. from Bedminster NJ10/19/2013  Buy
1Upper Darby PAChris S. from Bedminster NJ9/8/2013  Buy
1Barnegate NJChris S. from Bedminster NJ8/17/2013  Buy
1Quakertown PAChris S. from Bedminster NJ8/19/2013  Buy
7Loveladies Spiritual JamLoveladies NJRobbie W,Karen C,Adrian C,Lorna K,Chris S from NJ & NY8/31/2013  Buy
5Alina Lodge Step SeriesHardwick NJChris S. from Bedminster NJSteps 1 - 12 (One of his best!)9/28/2005  Buy
7Big Book WorkshopEast Dorset VTChris S. & Myers R. from NJ & TXSteps 1 - 128/9/2013  Buy
4Pacific Northwest Convention/WorkshopPrince Albert, BC, CanadaChris S. & Doug M. from NJ & VA5/17/2013  Buy
5Steps to FreedomTampa Bay FLChris S. & John S. from NJ & FLSteps 1 - 126/22/2013  Buy
512 Step Big Book StudyChatham NJBarefoot Bill from West Milford NJSteps 1 - 1212/3/2013  Buy
9Rhody Recovery Big Book WeekendWakefield RIMari G. & Steve L. from Canada & TNSteps 1 - 129/27/2013  Buy
375th Anniversary of the Big Book CelebrationBranchburg NJMitchell K., Bill S., Michelle Mirza, John B.+ from NY, CT, NJ4/12/2014  Buy
6Serenity WeekendWilliansburg VATim H,Larcene G,Chris S,Kenna McR,DaveC+ from KY, NJ, CA, & NC3/30/2014  Buy
6A Day with the Big BookRichmond VADon P. from Aurora COA great Big Book study8/14/1999  Buy
1Barnegate NJMike L. from Indianapolis IN3/22/2014  Buy
10Beacon Group Big Book WeekendBoston MAWally P. from Tucson AZSteps 1 - 12 & AA History2/2/2014  Buy
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To view the description of each individual CD belonging to a two or more CD set, please click on the description. To sort the descriptions from top to bottom by Date or alphabetically by Event or Location or Speaker, please click on the column heading. To reverse that to sort from bottom to top just click on the column heading again.